2017 Volunteer Program and Application

We are seeking energetic and talented individuals to join a highly focused and successful volunteer team for the 2017 Annual Campaign. As a United Way volunteer, you will provide leadership, fundraising and teamwork skills to assist local companies in running successful workplace campaigns. Along with the United Way staff, you will work closely with local workplace campaign coordinators. Training sessions will be available to provide you with all of the information you will need.

This is an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. You will strengthen and develop sales, customer service, project management and team building skills. As a part of a positive team environment, you will become a leader in your community, gaining valuable knowledge and contacts along the way.

Traditional workplace campaigns typically take place during the fall. Training opportunities will be available throughout the summer. Volunteer hours will vary depending on your availability. You will work in a team, so there will be flexibility regarding coverage of accounts/events.

Below is an application that we would like you to fill out if you are interested in helping United Way during the 2017 Campaign Season:

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