United Way Logos


Whether you’re a volunteer, a donor or an advocate, you are welcome to use the United Way logos & banners. We honor the guidelines set forth by our United Way Worldwide affiliate and want to share these guidelines with you to ensure a positive brand experience. Please follow these basic rules when using our logos:

Please contact us for further questions or help with issues regarding United Way logo usage.

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When referencing our local United Way, please refer to us as: United Way of Northwest Florida. It’s extremely important to us that everything we do is local and all money raised stays local, and calling out our local United Way helps reinforce that.

Our call to action & motto LIVE UNITED, is very important to us and a true mission statement. This is actually a registered trademark, and we ask that when creating an event or using our official United Way call to action statement, that you refrain from rewording it in order to personalize your event.  Please be sure to use the trademarked LIVE UNITED graphic when referencing this.


When using the official United Way logo or the United Way graphics, please keep the images their original size. Stretching may distort them and will not be presented properly. Shrinking however will not compromise the image, so feel free to downsize.

You are also welcome to use the “Worldwide” United Way logo but we would also appreciate your consideration using our customized & local logos specifically designed for us

 Our United Way sincerely hopes that including the United Way of Northwest Florida logo for your marketing will be supportive of your mission. We encourage our program partners to let the community know about our partnership, as it will benefit you, the community campaign, and us. Here are some additional guidelines we ask you to follow:

If you are including the United Way logo anywhere in your marketing, to make a visual reference to the fact that you are a United Way of Northwest Florida program partner, please use the “United Way Community Partner” logo. This makes it more clear to your community that you are a supporter/partner of United Way and not run by United Way.

United Way should never be included as part of your organization’s name, either in text or with graphic. United Way is an independent organization and incorporating the United Way name and/or logo as part of your logo or organization name would wrongly imply that you are a division of or otherwise operated by United Way.

In order to download, please right click the logo, and select “Save Picture As”.

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