UWNWFL Funding Policies and Procedures

Fundraising by Affiliated Agencies

United Way is committed to community-building by ensuring a holistic, comprehensive network of services in the Northwest Florida region. Annually, UWNWFL conducts a workplace campaign to solicit charitable donations. The campaign generates critical resources to support UWNWFL’s community investment strategies.

Affiliated Agencies may apply for specific program grants annually. As designations and program funding through UNWNFL are specific and determined annually, Affiliated Agencies should be aware that UNWNFL cannot and will not fund any agency’s entire budget. When an agency accepts program funding from UWNWFL, it enters into a collaborative endeavor, agreeing to safeguard UWNWFL’s capacity to access and leverage resources on behalf of many agencies. Any supplementary fundraising activities conducted by affiliated agencies must be designed so as to not be detrimental to UWNWFL’s annual campaign.

While UWNWFL’s affiliated agencies – key partners in achieving UWNWFL’s mission – must have a strong commitment to protect and enhance UWNWFL’s workplace campaign, UWNWFL supports and encourages agencies to seek additional funding and to utilize various fundraising activities. The fundraising policy for affiliated agencies is intended to help avoid multiple solicitations of key UWNWFL contributors.

Affiliated Agency fundraising events during the months of September and October must be approved by UWNWFL. UWNWFL will utilize the following criteria in making their decision.

Approval is requested, in writing, from UWNWFL prior to July 31st.

  1. The United Way of Northwest Florida brand logo, provided by the UWNWFL staff, is used in accordance with the Application for Affiliation.
  2. The fundraising does not contain any payroll-related component. Affiliated Agencies may not establish or conduct an internal work place employee campaign at any time. Workplace campaign activities include those where an employer has enabled a funded agency access to a workplace to solicit charitable donations from employees.
  3. Affiliated Agencies may not approach United Way corporate partners for donations or sponsorship during the Annual Community Campaign. United Way corporate partners may request that agencies refrain from approaching them for donations or sponsorship year-round. Where applicable, this should be noted.

Fundraising activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Corporate donations/sponsorships;

  • Requests for gifts-in-kind in excess of $1,000;
  • Telemarketing, internet, or direct mail acquisition campaigns;
  • The launch of capital campaigns;
  • The public sale of products/merchandise; and,
  • Any revenue generating activity with a net gain for the agency.

UWNWFL staff will consider requests as they are received and present them to the Executive Committee or Board of Directors as necessary.

Use of United Way Logo

All literature and print materials must identify the agency as a United Way Affiliated Agency. Agency fundraising activities where United Way’s logo is being used must be approved prior to proceeding with the event. This includes third party initiatives that are being organized to solicit or receive funds on behalf of United Way.

Breach of Policy

Breaches of this policy will result in progressive corrective action. This may include one or more of the following steps:

An inquiry by UWNWFL about the circumstances of the breach;

  • A meeting with agency representatives;
  • Written notice of the breach to the agency;
  • A report regarding the breach to UWNWFL’s Board of Directors;
  • Possible reduction in the agency’s UWNWFL’s funding; and,
  • Possible termination of the agency’s UWNWFL’s funding.